Composting Worms


• Composting worms for Urbalive Worm Farm

• Mixture of red worms and dendras

• The world’s fastest natural composters

• Fast breeders

• Work brilliantly in the Urbalive Worm Farm



Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability. Sometimes composting worms are known as tiger worms, brandlings, reds and dendras. All work really well in your wormery, the reason we use a mix is that some worms prefer slightly more acidic conditions, therefore a mix is more beneficial. Each species of worm is a surface litter worm – meaning unlike the usual worms you find in your garden – surface litter worms like to work in the top few inches of the soil which is perfect in your wormery. These worms are fast breeders, they mature in a matter of weeks and can lay an egg every 10 days, so are prolific at eating, composting and breeding.


Please note: all our worms are now sold by weight. 1kg of composting worms contains approximately 1600 to 2000 worms. We recommend using a pH meter to check the level of acidity in your wormery, good composting conditions are achieved when the contents are close to pH7.