The Goop


• The first soil web food product in the UK
• Simple to mix and use
• Live product to enrich soil
• Fully balanced to work in harmony with your plants
• Completely compostable and recyclable packaging



The Goop is a refined extract of a compost containing all four groups of microbes as described by the pioneer of the science – Dr. Elaine Ingham. The living microbes work with your plants to provide access to nutrients in the parent soil material. When plants grow with a full set of microbes, they get all the nutrition they need, and therefore have the chance to grow to their full genetic potential. Healthy plants don’t get attacked by pests as often, and the microbes provide a physical barrier and competition to soil borne diseases.

Bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes are needed to allow your plants to grow to their fullest potential. The soil food web when complete is capable of providing your plants all the nutrients they need and when they need them without our interference.


**Please note this product is made to order and can take 1 week to dispatch**

Keep refrigerated and wash hands after use.