Large Value Propagation Bundle


• Large Propagator, 1 or 2 LED Grow Lights (20w) & 125ml First Feed
• Just add seeds and water
• Complete propagation kit included
• Grow up to 60 plants in one propagator
• Perfect for all levels of growers



Just add seed! The new ROOT!T large value propagator is an affordable, convenient and effective product for anybody who intends to grow their own produce from either seed, seedlings or cuttings.


The ROOT!T Large Value Propagation kit consists of; a propagator base, lid, tray with inserts for 60 rooting Sponges, a pack of 60 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges, a 15ml sachet of ROOT!T Rooting Gel, a 15ml sachet of ROOT!T First Feed and an informative A7 brochure telling you how to grow from seeds and/or cuttings. We also supply a feeding schedule advising you when to feed a range of fruit and vegetables, making it simple for all levels of growers! This value bundle comes with 1 or 2 ROOT!T LED Full Spectrum Grow Light(s) and 1 x 125ml ROOT!T First Feed.


Product dimensions (W x D x H) – 570 x 370 x 200 (mm)


The ROOT!T Large Value Propagation Kit includes:

1 x large propagator
1 x tray with inserts for 60 rooting sponges,
60 x ROOT!T Natural rooting sponges
1 x 15ml ROOT!T first feed
1 x 15ml ROOT!T rooting gel

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