Watering Globes (Pack of 2)


• Waters your plants automatically for up to 2 weeks
• Prevents over watering in winter and under watering in summer
• Plants are healthier, stronger and grow twice as normal watering
• Intelligent moisture sensor system – no batteries required
• Attractive and functional

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Plantpal watering globes are a quick and easy solution to keep your plants watered for up to 2 weeks depending on size of plant and season. These globes are only suitable for indoor use, we recommend using in 7 to 10-inch plant pots.


Simply fill the globe, insert in the soil and keep out of direct sunlight. The plant then consumes the water when required using a patent pending valve to control the release of water. For hassle free self-watering, Plantpal watering globes are the best on the market.


Plantpal Watering Globes do not shatter like terracotta spikes or clog up like the stems of glass globes. There is no longer a need to remove soil from the clogged stem of a glass globe when refilling. This patent pending design is a conically shaped watering spike which controls the release of water to the plant on demand, ensuring timely water release when the plant needs it most. It prevents over or under watering of your plant which is a common problem amongst small scale gardeners.


When used correctly according to instructions, Plantpal watering globes will work very efficiently to allow plants to water themselves on demand. Follow the instructions carefully for perfect results.


Box Contains: 2 x watering globes.

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