Circular Water Timer


• The PLANT!T water timer is ideal for watering allotments, lawns, & gardens
• Easy to install – uses only 2 dials for a setting
• No plumbing required
• Battery operated
• Fully adjustable time settings


The PLANT!T Circular Water Timer is perfect for maintaining regular watering of your plants or lawn. It is also a fantastic way to make sure that your plants are kept watered during prolonged periods of drought to prevent them from dying – fuss-free operation with maximum control!


Simply set how frequent you want the PLANT!T Circular Water Timer to irrigate and how long you want to irrigate them for. You can attach your PLANT!T Circular Water Timer directly to your outdoor tap or water butt using the screw threads attached to the timer. This stylish timer works simply off gravity and tap pressure meaning no electricity is required – simply monitor the battery level to keep your garden and lawn consistently watered.


You can also use the PLANT!T Circular Water Timer away from the home at your allotment, or in a greenhouse providing you have a water mains supply with a minimum pressure of 10 PSI. The PLANT!T Circular Water Timer is commonly used with dripper systems or seep hose for full irrigation control.


Complete English, German, Spanish, French and Czech instructions to suit all European growers are provided.


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