Yula Flower Vase


• 0.9L water capacity
• New for 2019
• Lightweight and recyclable with a gloss finish
• Perfect for orchids, indoor plants and foliage



The LECHUZA YULA product range is designed to complement the modern style of living. The combination of table planter, plant bag, watering can and flower vase is the perfect addition to any household, allowing you to grow healthier looking plants in your home. LECHUZA planters combine function with design – the self-watering system lets you enjoy beautiful plants effortlessly. LECHUZA’s attractive shapes and designs are the perfect accent for your home and office.


The LECHUZA YULA Flower Vase has a 0.9L water reservoir capacity which will keep your houseplants alive and watered for longer. Designed for indoor use and is perfect for orchids, indoor plants and foliage.


Box contains: 1 x vase.


Dimensions: 140mm x 140mm x 210mm


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