Cube Glossy Triple Green Wall Kit


• Create your own green wall
• Perfect for indoor plants, foliage and herbs
• Visual indicator means no over or under watering
• Lightweight and recyclable with a glossy finish
• Ideal for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens



Fresh greens are an essential part of healthy cooking. With the Green Wall Home Kit Glossy Triple from LECHUZA, a space-saving and eye-catching herb garden is created instantly. Thanks to the practical magnetic brackets, the Glossy Triple planter can be attached easily to the corresponding magnetic bar on the walls. The high quality, extra strong magnets ensure a secure hold.


With their sleek colours and finely crafted structure, the herb pots set stylish designs in the kitchen, creating small hanging gardens in unusual places. The pots can be arranged as desired and be even be used as a holder for kitchen utensils. Even in the smallest of kitchens there is plenty of room for fresh ideas! The LECHUZA irrigation system takes the stress out of plant care. Plants can easily be placed into the Glossy containers with the liner, without the need for time-consuming repotting. A stick inserted into the liner from below transports moisture evenly to the roots. the water level indication can be used to check when it’s time to refill the reservoir. Plant care can be that simple!


Intended use:

Only use the Green Wall Home Kit as described in the instructions. Any other use or modification of the product is not permitted. The maximum total weight of a CUBE Glossy Triple planter with plants and water must not exceed 2kg.


Product dimensions (W x D x H):


1 x Cube Glossy Triple – 140 x 140 x 135 (mm)

2 x Magnets – 40 x 140 (mm)

1 x Magnetic strip – 100 x 480 (mm)