Micro Porous Hose


• Micro porous hose ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments
• Waters up to 25m of veg patch or flower beds
• Creates more even watering
• Waters up to 25m of vegetable plots or flower beds


The Irrigatia Micro Porous Hose Kit is quick and easy to set up. This unique system distributes water evenly through millions of microscopic pores using durable DuPont Tyvek tubes, that resist the clogging, cracking and root intrusion problems commonly caused by other drip systems.


Micro Porous Hose is ideal for longer runs in vegetable and flower beds and can be connected to the SOL-C12 or SOL-C24 units in up to 25m lengths.


Includes 25m Micro-Porous Hose, 2 adaptors, 2 Connectors, 2 lengths connector pipe, 2 O rings, 2 cable ties, 6 stakes.

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