Coriander – ‘Calypso’


• Great for salads, curries & soups

• Fast growing plant

• Works well alongside our E27 grow light

• Ideal for Botanium systems


This quick growing herb is best grown for its delicious foliage that can be added to salads, curries and soups. Packet contains 150 seeds. Height: up to 30cm. European shipping only.


Plant 10–20 seeds evenly on the growing media in the Botanium and cover with a layer of growing media. Place in a bright window or under an E27 grow light. Seedlings will appear in 10–20 days. Harvest the top leaves after 30 days of growth and leave at least 50% so that the plant can regrow. Remove flowers as they appear. Use 3 pipettes of nutrients for a full tank when sowing the seeds and then 5 pipettes at next water refill.

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