Composting Bin


The Bokashi Composting Bin uses the Japanese method of fermenting
Modern and stylish design
Airtight sealed container
Composting bran required (starter pack included)
Ideal for any kitchen


What is BOKASHI composting?

The term refers to the transformation of organic waste using the principle of fermentation that is carried out by adding a dry mixture of special Bokashi bacteria.


Unlike classical composting, the fermentation process takes place without air, in a sealed container.  It relies on living organisms that activate upon contact with organic material and begin the breakdown of the organic material (anaerobic decomposition).


The output is not soil, as is the standard composting, but rather a pickled form of waste, that is a pre-composter. This can then be added to your garden or compost pile to continue the composting process.


The advantage of this is that it speeds up the composting process. It takes approximately 2 weeks to ferment waste in the Bokashi bin. It will also produce a nutrient tea that is also good for your garden and plants!


Layer organic waste with Bokashi bran until the bin is full. Leave for 2 weeks, regularly draining any nutrient liquid that is produced.