Chilli – ‘Loco’


• Great for curries, stir fry dishes & marinades

• Bushy plant with plenty of fruits

• Works well alongside our E27 grow light

• Ideal for Botanium systems


A compact yet productive variety, this plant produces masses of small purple fruits with moderate heat that ripen to fiery red. An ornamental chili plant perfect for Botanium. Packet contains 6 seeds. Height: up to 40cm. European shipping only.




Plant 3 seeds in the growing medium in the Botanium, around 1cm deep in the centre. Place in a bright window or under an E27 grow light. Seedlings appear in 5–12 days, remove all seedlings but one. When flowers appear, move pollen from one flower to the next using a brush or your finger. Use 3–4 pipettes of nutrients for a full tank when the plant is small, and then 5–6 pipettes when flowers appear.

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