Butterfly Oasis


• Attract butterflies to your garden
• Attractive eco-friendly Scandinavian design
• Designed only for butterflies
• Clean and easy user experience
• Available in lilac, pink, yellow or white

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Brighten up your garden with butterflies! You can make the most of your garden, backyard or patio with this award-winning butterfly feeder, encouraging beautiful wildlife to pollinate your garden, using a sleek Scandinavian butterfly feeder.


Belightful Butterfly Oasis re-imagines and enhances the visual language of wildlife care in the most extraordinary way. It is a beautiful and modern butterfly feeder, designed to attract butterflies to your garden and provide them with an additional food source.


As well as being beneficial for the butterflies, this is also a bonus for your garden as butterflies are important pollinators as well as a beautiful addition to the wildlife in your outdoor spaces. Children will love seeing butterflies feeding in the garden.


The feeders are made with the environment in mind, they are made from durable, recyclable materials. The innovative feeding cavities work perfectly with the butterfly’s proboscis and prevent the access of other insects to the enclosed nectar source.


Belightful Butterfly Oasis is available in four colours – lilac, pink, yellow and white. These colours are borrowed from the natural flowers known for attracting butterflies. You will need to add water and some string to hang it up. Enough nectar is included with the feeder for a single fill – additional packets are available to purchase separately. Once filled, the butterfly oasis should be hung in a sunny spot at eye level or higher. This allows the smell of the nectar to travel and will ensure that it is inaccessible to household pets.


Box Contains: 1 x Belightful Butterfly Oasis, 1 x Nectar (butterfly food), 1 x Sponge.


Product Dimensions:


100 x 100 x 300 (mm)

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