Pick, chop, cook. Indoor growing simplified!


Botanium takes care of your plants for you. Thanks to its automated watering system, this clever hydroponics system allows you to grow herbs, plants and other edible greens using a traditional soilless technique. Botanium was created to make urban gardening simpler, faster and more fun!


Botanium’s contemporary look and feel means it will be a beautiful addition to any household. Whether you want to grow on the windowsill in your kitchen, or next to your TV, Botanium takes the ‘green fingers’ out of growing! Botanium comes in three modern colours; White Smoke, Laurel Green or Ash Grey.


What is hydroponics?


Growing in porous stones instead of soil, the plant is automatically watered every three hours with nutrient-rich water. The excess water is drained through the bottom of the growing container and is collected in the water tank, so it can be reused.


This growing technique – called hydroponics – is not a new method of growing, it has been around for many years and has been the subject of years of research. It is proven to be a far more effective way of growing than traditional agriculture, and hydroponic vegetables are therefore becoming more and more common globally. Hydroponics allows you to grow even when you do not have a garden!


To keep your plants alive, fill up the reservoir with water, and add the nutrient solution supplied!


What can you grow?


You can grow herbs such as basil, oregano or mint. If herbs aren’t for you, then why not try growing chillies, tomatoes or strawberries! Botanium works especially well with thirsty plants that normally would require very frequent watering. Check out our seed offering on the web shop to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables.


Grow indoors


Botanium works well on a windowsill with plenty of sunlight, but If you live in a cold and dark country, you need extra light during the winter. Why not purchase the Skyline Grower E27 full spectrum grow light to encourage your plant to grow faster and stronger! Our light allows you to grow anywhere in your house as well as making Botanium a centre piece of your room. Using the E27 light allows you to grow all year round, even through the grimmest of winters.


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