At Skyline Grower we have a range of sleek and stylish Urban Gardening products for both indoor and outdoor use. Specifically designed for low-maintenance gardening, our premium Urban Gardening products will keep your houseplants, flowers and herbs flourishing all year round with minimal effort! From self-watering plant pots that take care of your greenery while you are away, to gardening irrigation, to propagation equipment and hydroponic herb kits to easily grow edible greens from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you live in a city, country cottage, high-rise flat, apartment or stately home, we have products for everyone!

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If you are a gardening enthusiast stuck in a city apartment with no garden available, then our trendy growing equipment is ideal for you! Specially designed for enclosed areas where there isn't much natural light or vegetation, our range of self-watering pots and hydroponic systems are ideal for growing your own fresh produce from the comfort of your own home.


Today, when nearly half the world’s population lives in urban areas, an increasing number of people don’t have access to a garden. It's because of this that we have begun to see a new trend – urban gardening. But urban gardening isn’t just flowers – people are looking to improve their growing knowledge. Our products have been uniquely designed for a new community of garden enthusiast that is developing.


If you struggle to keep your plants alive and thriving, then Botanium is your answer. This Scandinavian inspired hydroponics system not only looks great, but works great too! Whether it is growing chillies, tomatoes or basil, this clever self-watering system will help you bring fresh ingredients to your meals.